WhatsApp Monetization Methodology 2022/ 2023.

Here is WhatsApp Monetization for everyone willing to make a better career with the app, they are a lot of opportunity surrounding WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Monetization Methodology

It is no longer news that the Nigerian tech space is growing rapidly with massive users of the internet. It is now common to hear young people say things like digital marketing.

A trend that is growing massively and has now grown to be a massive income stream for many young Nigerians.

Digital marketing is considered all forms of marketing conducted in the digital space. be it google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. even WhatsApp is not left out.

All of these platforms are popular for their respective ways of generating leads for their users and one of the most popular around Nigeria is WhatsApp.

The term WhatsApp marketing and monetization is a growing phrase amongst Nigerians in recent times and this leaves a lot of people with questions like, how do I monetize my WhatsApp? Do the founders of WhatsApp pay their users?  How do I even make the money?

This article covers all you need to know about WhatsApp monetization and how you can earn from the platform called WhatsApp.

Do the Founders of WhatsApp pay their Users? via WhatsApp Monetization

WhatsApp is a messaging platform, founded in 2009 by brian acton and jan koum. A secured platform for messaging that allows communication both locally and international amongst its users. It is not designed to pay its users. but users can earn from it by conducting business activities there.

How do I conduct WhatsApp Monetization Activities?

A couple of ways individuals can earn from WhatsApp have been listed in recent times. However, a few of them have been considered popular amongst users. Most people earn from WhatsApp through the sales of products and services.

For instance, an individual can decide to sell a particular product on their status or even decided to conduct a knowledge based webinar on the platform and have users pay to attend.

There are also other ways you can earn from the WhatsApp if you understand how to project yourself on the platform. Projecting yourself requires that you have good visibility and visibility can only come when users have your contact.

Below are a few tips on how you can grow your visibility on WhatsApp.

Because WhatsApp is an end to end encrypted platform, it means only those with your contact can communicate with you. This is a good one for you because you get to choose the kind of customers you want and probably reject those you don’t need by simply refusing to save their contact.

Lead Generation:

Lead generation is a good way to grow visibility on the platform, WhatsApp. A process where a user uses a product or service as lead to generate his or her audience and convert them to customers.

This method is common amongst affiliate marketers and a host of other users, as one who intends to earn from WhatsApp, you can decide to maybe organize a webinar about your product or services and let people attend for free.

That way you gain more contact as they attend because they would have to save you contact to gain entry.

Contact Gain:

Contact gain is simply a networking community.  A group of people on WhatsApp  who desire to gain visibility come together to network on a WhatsApp group.

They customize a message and send it to the person they desire to network with, this message usually includes their name, gender and most times services they offer.


There are a couple of people with massive audiences and are willing to help other people grow their audience on the platform for a little fee or maybe a little task.

To grow your audience you could reach out to them for promotions that could help you get the lead you want.

It is important to always state what you do whenever you are carrying out such a promotion as you don’t want to have an audience who do not need your services.

Lastly, be very intentional when trying to grow your visibility on WhatsApp  as the kind of audience you have would determine how easy and fast you will be able to make money from your product or services.

I hope this article was helpful?

Kindly leave a comment below on what you learnt and topics you would like to read about next time.


Written by: Iam_sopuruckwu.

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