Things That Will Keep Your Computer Away From Virus 2022.

Here are the possible and best Things That Will Keep Your Computer Away From Virus for the window operating system users across the world.

In this post I am gonna be talking about the things to do that will keep your computer away from contracting virus.

What is virus?

In a lay man understanding, a virus is a computer program that causes the computer to malfunction when affected.

Computer virus is software or a computer program written by programmers, coders or developers having the ability to override other computer program instructions thereby causing havoc to the computer system.

The virus can make the computer to act in a different way, other than the previous way it used to act or function.

But, virus can even damage the computer entirely depending on the type of virus that was used to attack the device.

And, computer virus can also be used an attacking techniques over enemies or over targets for a particular thing.

So, in this post I am gonna list and explain the possible things to do to keep your computer away from contracting virus.

Things That Will Keep Your Computer Away From Virus

The things that will keep your computer away from virus are listed below:

The Use of Antivirus Software-Keep Your Computer Away From Virus

The use of antivirus can make your computer safe and healthy.

It is used to prevent, detect, and remove malware.

There are many types of antivirus like:

  • Smadav
  • MC Afee
  • Bit defender
  • Norton
  • Avira
  • Bull guard
  • Kaspersky
  • Ccan guard
  • Panda

All you have to do is to download and install any of the aforementioned above to be able to keep your computer safe.

But, sometimes the antivirus software might demand that you purchase them, i.e. some of them are not free to use.

But that depends on what you intend to protect in your computer with the antivirus software.

Hence, installing antivirus in your computer system all depends on the version of windows operating system you are using.

Some window OS version don’t really need antivirus to keep you safe like window 10 and window 11.

They came with in-built protective measures to keep you safe.

Avoid Using Infected External Drives

Thus, External drives includes, flash drives, detachable hard disk drives, memory cards, CD plates, floppy disks and many other external drives.

So, for you to be safe with your computer, you must avoid using this drives when infected.

Make sure that whatever drives you are inserting on the computer is free from any malware.

Avoid sharing your drives with everybody except the ones you know they devices being safe like yours.

Things That Will Keep Your Computer Away From Virus.

Avoid Pairing with Infected Devices

Sometimes pairing your computer with infected devices can make your computer contract virus without knowing.

Before you pair with any devices, either phone, PC or any other devices that uses Bluetooth, internet etc, make sure it’s safe to avoid damaging yours.

And, always pair with known devices not unknown devices just as the name sounds to avoid corrupting your own devices.

Be careful of the Links You Click Online

This is a very serious issue these days, you have to be very vigilant of the links you click online when browsing.

When surfing the internet, you have to be able to interpret malicious acts or behaviors in order to keep yourself safe.

But, do not click on any link you don’t trust, because hacks and virus can occur within a twinkle of an eye.

Be Careful of the Files You Download Online

Some files you download online are corrupted and can go a long way in damaging your devices.

Some files you download online are viruses that have the ability to extract files from your computer to the sender.

Thus, the file extractions can happen within a second, which means that you may not even notice what is going on.


This tips will help you to be safe with your computer, while offline or even online.

Your computer should be your priority as your life time may depend on it depending on your personality.

So it worth keeping safe at any costs. I will like to attend to some questions only if you have any.

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